Freedom Tastes of Reality / Juan Barte

Shortlisted in Photo London Book Dummy Awards 2019 (under a previous title) Freedom Tastes of Reality is an exploration of individual freedom and the vitality of choosing one’s own path while living in the great moment, in the very forefront of now.

Softcover with slipcase.
31 x 22 cm. 128 pages, 90 photographs.
ISBN: 278-1-63752-092-5. Publication date: 12/2020.
€48.50 VAT incl. free shipping within the EU.

This project portrays some of Madrid’s thriving new art scene key individuals during a ten-year period (2010-2019). With almost sixty artists photographed, Freedom Tastes of Reality is not a documentary work but a collaboration in which Barte involves the subjects of his photography in the creation of the final images.

The result is photographs caught in a tension between the staged story and the testimonial record, imbued with fantasy as much as reality, unreliable and open-ended, thus, reflecting the instability of our times.

Today, in light of the latest events consequence of the pandemic, both, freedom, and reality, seem to be in retreat. When our mobility is restricted and most of our social life takes place online, a book like Freedom Tastes of Reality becomes more relevant than ever.