Esther Ferrer · Fuego en los Bolsillos / Juan Barte

Esther Ferrer is the newest installment in Juan Barte’s collection of zines Fuego en los Bolsillos (Fire in my Pockets).

24 x 18 cm. 20 pages.
Depósito Legal: LR-696-2020. Publication date: 2020
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Esther Ferrer is a pioneer and one of the foremost representatives of Performance art in Spain. She began participating in the activities of the Zaj group in 1967. She brought action art to the fore in her artistic practice, although from 1970 she did return to visual art by way of reworked photographs, installations, pictures, objects, and so on. These pieces most notably include the series Autorretratos (Self-Portraits), in progress since 1981, Números primos (Prime Numbers), carried out with different spatial-temporary formats, and Juguetes educativos (Educational Toys), from the 1980s, her work adhering to the Minimalist and Conceptual Art, and aspects of feminism from the time.
In 1999 Ferrer was at the Venice Biennale; in 2008 she was awarded the Premio Nacional de Artes Plásticas; in 2012 she won the Premio Gure Artea, and in 2014 the Premio MAV (Women in the Visual Arts), and Premio Velázquez de Artes Plásticas.

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